Math Riddles!

Hello fifth grade community. Check out our concluding activity in our portions unit: fractions, percents, decimals. Students have been chewing on homemade riddles created by their math teacher and have since branched out and made their own. Check out their rough drafts in their math notebook and put your reading and calculation skills to the test!

Here’s one to get you started… (“timey” is the name of our visual timer in our classroom)

Timey’s Fractional Day Riddle”. 
Remember that one whole day is made up of 24 hours. For this riddle we will only be calculating how many hours are passing.

“Timey woke late on a Sunday morning at 11am. Since Timey was “time travelling” she had pretty bad jet lag. She quickly fell back asleep for 3/12 of a day. When she woke back up again she took a cold shower for 1/3 of a day, hoping it would refresh her and help her day get going. Timey has some serious volume in her hair and it took 1/6 of a day drying it. Then, it was time to make dinner. This took 8/48 of a day. Luckily she had time to eat her dinner before her own “Timey Timer” went off, causing her to fall asleep yet again. What time did Timey fall asleep?

Culture and Toys

Hello fifth grade community. As the second integrated study of the year unfolds we’ll be reflecting on our own experiences playing with toys, investigating processes behind how toys are built, and evaluating how toys are marketed and placed in front of our next generation of young leaders. Kick off a juicy conversation at home about your experiences playing with toys of all types after reading this article with friends and family.

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Go Lynx!